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Living Water Lutheran Church exists to be a gift to our community and the world by:



in Christ

Our Vision

EXPECT MIRACLES! And believe YOU are one!


We have a new location!

3712 Weems Road, Weems
(Campbell Presbyterian Church)

Join us for Lutheran worship at 9:30 AM on Sundays

P.O. Box 818, Kilmarnock, VA 22482



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October Worship Schedule

Join us at 9:30 AM at 3712 Weems Road in Weems!

November   7  Pastor Bruce
November 14  Pastor Judy
November 21  Pastor Bruce
November 28*  Pastor Judy

*Plans are being made for a joint Lutheran-Presbyterian worship service on this Sunday after Thanksgiving. Details will be shared as soon as they are available.



Please mark your calendar . . .


There will be a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, November 14, immediately following worship.


The meeting will be held in the large room (Room #1)  on the second floor, diagonally across from our office.



Pastor Bruce Burslie

Asst Pastor Judy Thomson


Virginia Synod Newsletter 


 Living Water Lutheran Church Mission Statement and Values

Living water Lutheran Church is a caring Christian community called to spread the Gospel and bring others to Christ by sharing His love through prayer, thanksgiving, service, and fellowship.  Gathered around Word and Sacrament, we believe that we are unified by God's grace, empowered by the Holy Spirit and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.




  • Sunday, November 7, 12:15-ish: Rehearsal for choir that will sing at the Christmas Eve service. (If you’d like to sing, please give your name to Campbell’s Margaret Hock [office@campbellchurch.net] or Rebecca Young [rayoungnj@aol.com].) 
  • Thursday, November 25, 10:00 AM: Assembly of Thanksgiving dinners for persons in the community.
  • Saturday, December 4, 10:00 AM: “Greening of the Church” to decorate for Advent and Christmas.
  • Sunday, December 5, 12:15-ish: Rehearsal for choir that will sing at the Christmas Eve service.
  • Friday, December 24, 5:00 PM: Combined Lutheran-Presbyterian Christmas Eve service. 


Mission Committee chairperson Nancy Mower is seeking an individual to take on our card ministry. If you feel called to help in this way, please call or write Nancy at 804-436-5414 or nancyann1@aol.com.
Nancy also reports that the Committee provided funds to the Northern Neck Free Health Clinic for their October 14 meal. The Committee provides this service once a year to the NNFHC.


Annually for over 25 years now, the Campbell Presbyterian Church congregation has prepared and delivered a hot meal to local families in need on Thanksgiving Day. This year, they are planning to deliver 125 meals.

Recipients are found in several ways. Two Campbell members receive names of families and individuals from Bay Aging and the Lancaster and Northumberland County Departments of Social Services. Church members also may submit names of meal recipients. Each family or individual is directly contacted to determine the need and the number of meals to deliver. Recipients’ addresses also are confirmed. There is no commitment to delivery without this direct communication.

Each meal contains the traditional Thanksgiving hot items, several cold items, and a “day after” meal. Turkey and gravy are prepared by the Food Service folks at Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury. The turkey has been sliced and is ready to go when someone from Campbell picks up the food on Thanksgiving morning. Hot vegetables, salads, and desserts are prepared by church members in their homes, according to a planned menu, and delivered to the church. As we continue to be wary of COVID, some food may be prepared in the church kitchen this year. White Stone Baptist Church, which operates one of the Northern Neck Food Bank food pantries out of their building, provides the “day after” items.

On Thanksgiving Day, church members set up tables. Starting at 10:00 AM, volunteers line up in two lines. Grabbing a “clam shell” food container, they walk the line as servers place the various items in the containers. The process is repeated until all the containers have been filled. Then the clamshells and “day after” bags are put into a large grocery bag for delivery by other volunteers. Most homes receive meals for many members.

Delivery routes are created in advance. Drivers load meals into their cars and deliver to each family on their list. Included in each bag is a flyer naming all the churches and businesses that have contributed to the effort, a short list of mealtime prayers that can be used for future meals, and an invitation to Christmas worship services.  It can be a touching moment to personally deliver a Thanksgiving meal.
Campbell is inviting Living Water to join in this work! Soon there will be sign-up sheets in Fellowship Hall for cooks, meal assemblers, and delivery drivers. Please add your name and contact information if interested in helping out.

Also, if you know of a family or individual in need, please let the Campbell folks know.  You may give the name(s) to Margaret Hock in the Campbell church office (804-438-6875 or office@campbellchurch.net) and she will pass the information along to the planning team. Ordinarily, delivery is limited to Lancaster and Northumberland County residents.

An additional way to contribute to this effort is by making a cash donation. You may mail your donation to Campbell at P.O. Box 18, Weems, VA  22576, by putting it in the Living Water offering plate for transfer to Campbell, or by putting it in Margaret’s mailbox at the church. As always, make sure it’s clear what your check is for. 

Jane Wells is a contact person for us from Campbell. Her phone number is 804-436-4010.


The women’s book and Bible study group will resume meeting! The date is Thursday, November 11, the time is 11:00 AM, and the location is the small conference room at the Campbell church. (This room is the second room on the left when you enter through the side/office door on King Carter Lane.) No refreshments will be served this time, but those who would like to are invited to go out for lunch after the group meeting. 
According to group convener Carol Adams, the discussion will resume with Chapter 7 of The Power of a Woman’s Word, by Sharon Jaynes, “Cheering from the Sidelines.” Please note subsequent meeting dates of December 9, then the second and fourth Thursdays in January (January 13 and January 27).


If for any reason lack of transportation is keeping you from attending worship services or other Living Water events, please do not quietly stay away! Please let Pastor Judy know of your need. There are members of the congregation willing to give a ride to a friend.


Pastor Judy will maintain contact with the members of the congregation, but please know that you are welcome to reach out of her. Pastor Judy:  thomsonjudy@gmail.com and 804-725-6743.   


Living Water maintains a Prayer List of persons both in, and outside of, our congregation who are facing difficulties. The Prayer List is posted on a bulletin board at the back of the sanctuary, and is included in the Sunday bulletin on the first Sunday of the month. Members of the congregation are urged to keep these persons in their prayers. To have someone’s name placed on the Prayer List, simply give the name to Janet Smith. If you have placed someone’s name on the List, and there comes a time when the person’s circumstances have changed such that he or she no longer needs to be listed, kindly ask Janet to remove the name so that the List remains accurate. Thank you.


The group’s convener, Carol Adams, reports that the group continues to give the coronavirus more time to get out of town. The group will resume eagerly when it is safe for them to be inside, in someone’s home.

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